Here’s to the crazy ones….

Steve Jobs book in our living room

Steve Jobs, one of the greatest brains of modern generation. Someone who is admired by many and perhaps hated by those people who knew him and worked with him but did not share the same passion for creativity and perfection… those who did not believe that functionality and elegance can be combined and massed produced to be enjoyed by people like me… those who did not like his ‘reality distortion field’.

I have once imagined a phone (perhaps without all the apps available now) that would have a capacity to be used as a phone, carry messages, take/store pictures and videos, capable of taking notes with the use of word, plays music, serve as a reference (dictionary, etc)…. at the same time, chic enough to be used not only as a gadget but as part of my accessories… i thank God for Steve Jobs’ vision and persistence in making sure that the iPhone which, i consider one of the greatest inventions of the modern world finally came to fruition. I can’t imagine a life without iPhone anymore… it’s such a small device but carries almost a world of information.

iPhone – sleek, elegant, functional, practical and dependable!

Indeed very true… ‘those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are usually the ones who do’… Steve Jobs, perhaps sounded crazy when he thought of Mac, when he thought of iPhone, etc… but hey! he changed the way we all communicate and live

This blog is a delayed reaction to his death last year, a delayed reaction to the 600-page book i read just less than a month after he died… and so all those intense emotion i was feeling during those times have kind of waned a bit leaving me with less things to say on this blog thus rendering this photo here a bit irrelevant. Regardless, i would still want to post it and share to the world that i am an admirer of Steve Jobs’ vision and work. I am happy to have experienced his innovations and proud to have this book on our coffee table! There are so many things to say about this great visionary, the book about his life really inspired me. I like it that it talked about his ‘ugliness and eccentricities’ allowing readers to decide what it is that they want to remember about Steve Jobs. For me, i choose to remember the great things he has contributed to the world. After all, we are all but humans and we are not perfect. At least for him, he was able to maximize his own potential and left a legacy that we all enjoy now.

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